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Other Comic Strips
by Jim Bures

Lessor known is the fact that I have drawn more than one comic strip. This page showcases the rarer Cartoons by Jim Bures, but BE WARNED! These cartoons are very weird, being from an earlier time in my life when I was a little off kilter.


Dan and Jim is the precursor to Toon in'. Dan got me started on cartooning and we drew our own strip for each other while living together at 40 #1 in Somerville. Dan gradually quit the series, and I took it to a newly strange level, due to the fact that I smoked marijuana incessantly.


Around the time that my first manic cycle hit the peak, I started drawing single panel cartoons. These had their own unique premise in that they asked and answered a question, while displaying a cartoon that was related. However, due to the psychosis I was experiencing, quite a lot of them make no sense (except to me).


Four Bar also comes from my early years, and represents my first attempt to draw a four panel comic strip. The strip was named as such because it was four panels long, and because my cartoons had a lyrical quality to them. This strip was actually drawn for my Granddad, Gerard A. Bures.

and more about how
The early Toon in' comics fit into 4 stages:

  1. The Beginning - when I went insane with bipolar disorder.
  2. The Middle - when I grappled with what it meant to be a Christian.
  3. The Rest - when I began cartooning about friends again.
  4. The Re-Awakening - when the Lord showed me more.

Links to samples from the four stages:

Stage 4

Cartoons from Stage 1                       Stage 3                     Cartoons from Stage 2


All artwork copyright 1996 - 2019 Jim Bures. All rights reserved.

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