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About The Ghana School Project
(A Father - Son Project)

Charles Bures             Jim Bures                    Father Tony Felvo       

The Ghana School Project seeks to further education in Ghana and develop community relationships between then United States and Ghana. To this end, the GSP is committed to raising funds needed to complete construction of the Fiagbedu Roman Catholic Primary School. Fiagbedu is one town of seven that make up the village of Dzodze, which is 4 hours west of Accra, Ghana's capitol.

The Ghana School Project got its start when my father, Charles Bures, drove to the Dedham office of the SMA Fathers to volunteer for a humanitarian project. Upon hearing this, Father Tony Fevlo's face broke into a wide smile. Father Tony, from the village of Dzodze, sought to replace a 60 year old crumbling primary school in his community. Now he had a henchman.

I remember when my father told me about this project. He flew us, in a tiny Cessna airplane, to Hyannis for lunch. During lunch he mentioned his intention to build a school in Ghana. I was shocked! This is not something my father normally does. Eight months later I volunteered to coordinate the fundraising for this venture.

The Ghana School Project is known informally as Father Tony's Project. Father Tony, a Catholic Priest, was stationed in the United States by the SMA Fathers (Société des Missions Africaines). Petitioned by the people of Fiagbedu to build a new school, he cooperates with the SMA Fathers who act as a conduit for his funds. SMA Fathers is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.