About Jim Bures

Jim Bures AFTL

I'm a Boston native. I obtained a BSME from Tufts University, which led to an 11 year career in Mechanical Design. While matriculating, I studied abroad in England. I've desired a slower pace of life ever since. After graduation, a friend and I drew a comic strip that later evolved into Toon in'..., an autobiographical cartoon about life with God. This eventually led me to Graphic Design to paint a creative swath across my artistic landscape. I graduated from Mt. Wachusett Community College in Gardner, Mass on May 19, 2011. I earned an Associate of Science in Computer Graphic Design - Highest Honors.

While I got my Graphic Design degree, I suffered from severe bouts of depression each semester. Then, at the end, God gave me a whirlwind of energy and I’d finish miraculously on top. Although my life was hard at the time, when I look back I cherish those moments. I enjoyed living in Gardner too. I’d meander about town taking photos with my DSLR; lie down on the school lawn; hike Otter River State Forest; swim in Dunn Pond; and enjoy the friends I’d walk and talk with. All this made Mt. Wachusett a wonderful experience, and I walked away with a wonderful portfolio.

After graduation, I incorporated my business as "All for the Lord" Graphic Design. While I had some success, the memories of all the depression at school left me very angry. In a fit of rage, I decimated my career and threw out all my text books. Although I tried later, I could not recover my excellence as a Designer. It hurt that it was all for naught.

With $11,000 in loans, I groaned at the money wasted. Yet a friend put it in perspective. He postulated that when I divided the loans by the days I’d enjoyed Graphic Design, it worked out to be the price of a venti something and a breakfast sandwich every day. While I’ve given up graphic design as a career, I am very proud about how I earned my degree. On these pages, you’ll see my best work from that era, 2008 - 2012.

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