Adobe InDesign CS5.5

Brochure for the New England Amputee Association

Action photography, graphic layout and some content by Jim Bures.
Logos, portrait and leg photo supplied by client.

"Very creative. Very nice job. I thought the leg photo and caption was very funny and well worded.
We never would have thought of that." ~ Rose Bissonnette, 2011



Brochure for the Friends of the Athol Council on Aging

This was a Service Learning project where I volunteered my services for course credit.
I designed the logo and incorporated existing photographs into this brochure.


This is a multi fold brochure

I designed this for my friend's wood turning hobby.
Unfortunately, he passed away in 2016.


This is a CD Cover design

I am going to use this CD artwork for my first album (in 2018).
I make electronic music under the name "zédèk".


This is a One Font Family Poster using only Ebony and Ivory

Being a cartoonist, I enjoy artwork made only through black and white.