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Couch to 5K Campaign

Couch to 5K

In the fall of 2012, ConnectingPoint Church lauched an initiative called "Couch to 5K". This was part of a Cool Running program designed to encourage people to get off their couch and into shape to run a 5K race in 11 weeks.

I was assigned the task of not only creating the yard sign to the right, but also a business card and t-shirts.

In addition I sent copy to all local print and web newspapers announcing the program. On the first night, 75 people showed up. The program started off with cycles of 30 second running and 90 second walking. This gradually increased so that in the eleventh week, participants could complete their first 5K road race.

My advertising and Couch to 5K Coordinators guided 23 final participants to successfully finish ConnectingPoint's first Couch to 5K program in running the Stow Gobbler 5K on Thanksgiving 2012.

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